Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme
Minister for Government Services

Media release: Update on emergency financial assistance and Government Services #1

12 November 2019

The Hon Stuart Robert MP

Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme
Minister for Government Services


  • Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payments (AGDRP) and Disaster Recovery Allowance (DRA) extended to Livingstone and Noosa local government areas.
  • People who may be eligible for payments should call 180 22 66 – this is the easiest and fastest way to claim.
  • Temporary closure of Department of Human Service Centres and NDIS offices.
  • DHS Mobile Service Centres moving to affected areas.

The Australian Government has today announced emergency financial assistance through AGDRP and DRA is now available for people severely affected by bushfires in the Livingstone and Noosa Local Government Areas (LGAs).

AGDRP and DRA payments are available to people whose homes have been severely damaged or destroyed, who have been seriously injured or who have lost a family member in the fires. 

Minister for Government Services Stuart Robert said the fastest and easiest way to claim is over the phone by calling the Australian Government Emergency Information Line on 180 22 66.

‘When it is safe to do so, I would encourage affected residents to lodge a claim for assistance,’ Minister Robert said. ‘Staff from my department are processing claims as quickly as possible to ensure people have money available to meet their immediate needs.’

‘Unfortunately, the emergency situation has meant some of our Service Centres and NDIS sites having to be closed and the department will look to reopen them when it is safe to do so.

‘In the meantime, people are encouraged to contact the department via telephone. The department’s Mobile Service Centres, Desert Rose and Golden Wattle, have also been diverted to assist people in these areas where it is safe to do so.’

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Page last updated: 12 November 2019