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Minister for Government Services

Media release: Mobile Service Centre ‘Blue Gum’ makes its debut

9 November 2020

The Hon Stuart Robert MP

Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Minister for Government Services

The Hon David Littleproud MP

Minister for Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Management

Federal Member for Maranoa

Ken O'Dowd MP

Federal Member for Flynn

The Australian Government has boosted support for rural and regional communities with a new Mobile Service Centre, ‘Blue Gum’ hitting the road in Queensland.

Created in response to drought in 2006, Services Australia’s fleet of Mobile Service Centres travel thousands of kilometres each year to provide tailored Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support assistance to Australia’s rural and regional communities.

Minister for Government Services Stuart Robert said Blue Gum will further strengthen the accessibility of government services to all Australians, regardless of where they live.

‘During a break for staff and customer safety during the pandemic, work continued behind the scenes to make Mobile Service Centres better than ever,’ Minister Robert said.

‘This new truck has enhanced safety features, better fuel efficiency and significant accessibility improvements.'

Member for Flynn Ken O’Dowd said Blue Gum was recently constructed in Brisbane and named after the Tasmanian floral emblem.

‘Blue Gum was built by Varley, one of Australia’s oldest engineering and manufacturing companies,’ Mr O’Dowd said.

‘As with all Mobile Service Centres, it has been purpose-built to replicate a service centre, complete with the latest technology.’

Member for Maranoa David Littleproud said Queenslanders can access services in a COVID-safe manner.

‘A COVID-safe plan has been implemented for the rollout of Blue Gum to ensure Mobile Service Centres remain safe for all customers and staff,’ Mr Littleproud said.

‘Locals can visit the Mobile Service Centre to meet face to face with staff if they require more personalised or intensive support, and staff can help them to complete most of their Centrelink and Medicare business online.’

Mobile Service Centre locations:




Week 1


Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 November



Thursday 12 and Friday 13 November

Week 2


Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 November



Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 November

Week 3


Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 November



Thursday 26 November



Friday 27 November

Week 4


Monday 30 to Wednesday 2 December



Thursday 3 December

Week 5


Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 December



Thursday 10 and Friday 11 December

Week 6


Monday 14 December


St George

Tuesday 15 to Thursday 17 December

For more information about the Mobile Service Centres and the upcoming stopping locations, visit

Mobile Service Centre fast facts:

  • Blue Gum is named after the Tasmanian floral emblem, and joins two other trucks in the fleet of Mobile Service Centres – Golden Wattle and Desert Rose.
  • The new Mobile Service Centre was built in Brisbane by Varley Group, one of Australia’s oldest engineering and manufacturing companies.
  • Mobile Service Centres are purpose-built trucks which are set up as an office for staff to travel to rural and regional areas to help people access our services and payments.
  • Staff on board are able to provide friendly face-to-face service, information and support tailored to each community.
  • During the 2019-20 financial year, Mobile Service Centre crews visited a total of 289 rural and regional communities, and provided services to more than 9,000 people, and travelled over 41,000 kilometres.
  • The Mobile Service Centres play an important role in the Federal Government disaster response capability. Assisted by the Australian Defence Force, Services Australia deployed mobile service teams and Mobile Service Centres to more than 200 communities affected by the Black Summer bushfires. Equipped with portable technology, these teams provided a visible, on-the-ground government presence in otherwise inaccessible locations, working side-by-side with other State and Federal agencies to rapidly deliver support to affected communities.

Video footage of Blue Gum is available through this Hightail link.

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